Húsey for Nature Lovers

Húsey is a paradise for nature lovers. Every year about 30 different species of birds, including the great skua, the Arctic skua, the Arctic tern, the black-tailed godwit, the common redshank, the whimbrel, the red-necked phalarope breed here. The vegetation is lush: about 170 different types of plants can be found in the area around Húsey.
Húsey also offers a very special natural spectacle: seals that can be watched in their natural habitat.

Húsey is off the beaten tourist track, which is why you can enjoy almost complete peace and quiet and absorb the land and nature - both during the day or the light summer nights.

You will find that you are in close contact with nature.

In springtime and autumn the reindeers come close to the farm.

Expect a limited WiFi connection but plenty of peaceful quality time to enjoy endless days of nature.