2-Day Horse Trek

Dates Duration Includes
differ - please ask! 2 days Guided trek in English and German
3 nights accommodation
(shared rooms with made-up beds;
Double room surcharge)

Up to 14 persons

Trek route:
Day 1: 34 km, 
Day 2: approx. 45 km

A short trekking holiday that is ideal for anyone who is visiting Iceland not just to go riding, but who would like to spend some time during their trip on the back of an Icelandic horse.
If travel dates can be reasonably co-ordinated, this trek can be integrated in a tour of Iceland by car or bus as an interesting break about half-way through the holiday.
The trek is not suitable for beginners.

Day 1:

Spend time in the morning getting to know the horses and selecting the one you will be riding. The ride begins shortly afterwards, with a trek that takes you first through flat terrain, then a gently undulating landscape. Your destination is the peat farmstead of Galtastağir about 34 km away, which was worked until the 1960s and is now looked after by the National Museum. It provides an impressive glimpse of the almost unimaginable living conditions and bitter poverty found in Iceland well into the 20th century. We take regular breaks on the way.The horses remain at Galtastağir overnight, while the riders return to Húsey by car.

Day 2:

After breakfast the riders return to Galtastağir, where the horses are already waiting. There are breaks on the return journey. You will experience the surrounding flora and fauna, and can find out abour local legends and history. Along the route you will also see some rocks where elves have lived since time immemorial, deserted farms and Geirsstağir, one of the oldest churches in Iceland, dating back to 940. Like most of the ancient peat buildings it had become a ruin a long time ago, but was rebuilt with great attention to detail in recent years.